Marine Mammals Exploring the Oceans Pole to Pole

When diving animals help us to observe the oceans

Over 800,000 vertical profiles of Temperature and Salinity have been collected since 2004 in the World Ocean by attaching tags on marine mammals, such as Southern elephant seals.

In this website, you will find information about the marine mammal tagging programs, and an access point to the publicly available databases.

Please let us know if you are using our data. You can contact us by mail to if you have any question.

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The MEOP-CTD database in ODV

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Thanks to the amazing work of Reiner Schlitzer from AWI (Germany), the MEOP-CTD database is now directly available on the Ocean Data View (ODV) webpage as an easy-to-use Data Entry. Check out the webpage:

Among the many things you can easily do with ODV, you can produce the following animations of seal data positions (color coding corresponds to measured surface temperature).