The csv format for profiles

Hydrographic data

For ease of use, data are also provided in the text file Ocean Data View (ODV) spreadsheet format. Ocean Data View is a cross-platform software designed to manipulate and visualize ocean data. The ODV spreadsheet format is an ASCII format, which means that Excel as well as any text editor can read it. 

Contrary to the Argo netCDF files, ODV spreadsheet files contains only adjusted values that have been flagged as good. Also, the amount of metadata in the ODV spreadsheet files is kept to a minimum, i.e., SMRU name, Julian date, location, and pressure/temperature/salinity data. Note also that data have been interpolated on a regular vertical grid (1 dbar depth interval).

The file name uses the tag naming convention, with the suffix “_ODV.txt”. 


Metadata are also provided as text files. The metadata found in this file consists of the list of global attributes and their values in the corresponding netCDF file. The file name uses the tag naming convention, with the suffix “_METADATA.txt”. 


An example is provided here  for the tag ft10-Cy20-11: © MEOP consortium 2015